McMichael Magazine
Issue One
Summer & Fall 2014
45 pages

Introducing! Issue One of the new McMichael Magazine, from the McMichael Canadian Art Collection.

J.W. Morrice
The Canadian master of colour and his search for the exotic in Al-Maghrib with fellow artists John Lyman and Henri Matisse.

Charles Edenshaw
An indomitable spirit and singular talent - the secrets and surprises of his iconic work.

Arctic Exposure
A photographic foray into a land otherwise inaccessible and unknown.

In Memoriam
McMichael pays homage to Sorel Etrog, sculptor of the CFA's Genie Award, and Molly Lamb Bobak, Canada's first official female war artist.

Robert Davidson
Terence Koh
Edward Burtynsky
Liona Boyd
and more

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