Forging the Path: The Forerunners (1870-1920)
Author - Katerina Atanassova for the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, 2010
softcover booklet - 33 pages
full colour

A small publication to accompany the exhibition Forging the Path: The Forerunners (1870 - 1920). is packed full of colour images.

This exhibition examines the artistic forces in Canada adn abroad that existed prior to the formation of the Group of Seven. The range of works, which date from 1870 to 1920, conveys a vivid journey through five decades fo art creation, marked by seemingly countless art movements and practices. This period also centres on the birth of modernism in Europe. The inclusion of works by the European artists Paul Cezanne and Alfred Sisley serves as a point of reference for the novel tendencies that influenced the new generation of Canadian artitsts who forged the path towards modern art in Canada.

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