Humber River: The Carrying Place
hardcover - 117 pages
Toronto and Region Conservation; 1st edition (Sep 1 2009)
ISBN - 978-0981110738

A delightful journey along the Humber River and its watershed, this book will carry you through the history and geography of one of Canada's most important rivers.

Published in 2009 by Toronto and Region Conservation, this hardcover coffee table book commemorates the 10th anniversary of the designation of the Humber River as a Canadian Heritage River. Spectacular photos showcase the natural and cultural treasures that define the river which span the Toronto city region. A series of essays shed light on how the river and its watershed have evolved, and examine the challenges they face. Milestones in the river's history are provided as is a short atlas that describes interesting facts and figures about the Humber.

All profits from the sale of this book will be directed to projects that help protect and restore the Humber River watershed.

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