Triad Films/Drumsong Communications Inc., 2007
A Film by John Houston
72 minutes in length

Can you imagine western culture without Homer´s Odysseus? In Canada, in the minds of Inuit elders, lives a shaman/hero of equal power — suppressed for a century. "You know what this is, don't you?” asks elder Samson Quinangnaq (1924 — 2006), "It's the secret Bible of the Inuit. Kiviuq was a prophet, and these stories are his parables."

The story is as old as the Inuit themselves. It begins when a great hunter is killed. As he was the only villager to show kindness to the hunter´s orphaned son, Kiviuq is spared the terrible vengeance of the boy's grandmother. Set adrift by the tempest that kills his fellow hunters, Kiviuq embarks on a series of adventures that span millennia.

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