Breathing Stone: Contemporary Haida Argillite Sculpture
Carol Sheehan
hardcover | 191 pages
Frontenac House Ltd., 2008

Over a period of nearly 200 years, Haida argillite sculptors from Haida Gwaii, the Queen Charlotte Islands, have created one of the strongest continuing traditions in the history of Canadian art.

Argillite, a soft black stone, is a sculpture medium used exclusively by the Haida. A difficult material to work with, in skilful hands it yields artistic works of unparalleled richness and complexity. Haida sculptors have created art that is not merely fascinating and unique, but offers ingenious portrayals of a deep and complex cultural heritage that is centuries old.

Argillite sculpture is now seeing an astonishing renaissance. A generation of new artists has appeared whose skill and craftsmanship rival that of the classic masteres, but who now bring to their work an awareness of artistic developments on a global scale. The result is an innovative artistic movement of exciting power.

This book is loaded with beautifully detailed photographs.

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