The Shooting of Dan McGrew
Author - Robert W. Service
Illustrations by Ted Harrison
Kids Can Press Ltd, 1998
32 pages - softcover

Robert Service arrived in Dawson City after the Gold Rush was over. But the Dreams, hopes and greed of the men who moiled for gold still clung to the place - and to Service's imagination. Although not one of them, he understood the romance of their quest for gold and their longing for home, family and the quieter pleasures they had left behind.

Ted Harrison, one of Canada's most vibrant painters, brings the drama of the Malamute Saloon to life. His bold shapes and colours add unexpected tension to an already suspenseful tale. This is the second time Service has inspired Harrison's work. His illustrations of Service's The Cremation of Sam McGee (Kids Can Press) won Harrison praise from The New York Times for "one of the ten best illustrated books of 1987."

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