Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Why was the RCMP Awards of Distinction Program created?
The RCMP Awards of Distinction program was created further to results of a survey conducted by Public Affairs, and in response to the RCMP’s commitment to provide fair and equitable systems to deal with informal recognition for good performers at all levels, including senior and middle management.

2.    What is the website address for this Program?
The website address for this program is: It should be accessed using Internet Explorer -

3.    Why are we dealing with The RCMP Foundation?
The RCMP Foundation has been managing the RCMP commercial licensing program since 1994 and has been managing the Mountie Shop retail stores since 2007. The Foundation also manages the successful website and is well positioned to manage the fulfillment of the Awards of Distinction program.

4.    Why is this program web-based?
The RCMP Awards of Distinction Program is web-based as it allows  RCMP personnel to choose and place orders on-line from a variety of symbolic awards.  It also allows all RCMP employees to view the available awards.

5.    Who can determine if an employee should be recognized?
RCMP managers  or supervisors, who have budgetary discretion, may choose to extend this timely and informal recognition.  Also, RCMP employees , who do NOT have budgetary discretion, can extend this informal recognition to RCMP managers or supervisors at all levels, by submitting their written request to their Director General or Commanding Officer.

6.     How can I pay for my order?
Payments can only be paid for by two methods :
1) By certification of invoice received and sent for payment within 30 days of receipt in accordance with FAA section 34.
2) Corporate Credit Card

7.    Who would be eligible to receive an Award of Distinction?
The RCMP Awards of Distinction may be awarded to all [categories and levels of] employees, including senior or middle managers/suprevisors of the Federal government, partners from outside agencies, contract employees and volunteers who are part of a team with RCMP employees.

8.    How many times can an RCMP employee be recognized, in any one fiscal year, using this Program?
In order to uphold the integrity of recognition, recipients should only receive two (2) awards in one fiscal year.

9.    What are the taxation levels on awards?
These awards are guided by the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) policy.  Informal awards are taxable if an employee receives more than two in any one year and/or if the total value exceeds $500.00 (including taxes).  Awards totaling more than $500.00 should be reported to Accounting Operations at Headquarters.

10.    What criteria is used to determine eligiblilty for using this Program? 
The following criteria should be considered:
    •    The employee, manager or supervisor demonstrate dedication to the job.
    •    The employee, manager or supervisor participate in and encourage teamwork.
    •    The employee, manager or supervisor improve operations, processes or results.
    •    The employee, manager or supervisor exceed service standards, enhance client satisfaction or facilitate team initiatives.
    •    The employee, manager or supervisor demonstrate strong “people skills”.
    •    The employee, manager or supervisor bring solutions to business challenges that affect the unit/section/branch/detachment or office.

11.    How many levels of recognition are available in this Program?
There are five (5) levels of recognition in this Program.

12.    How are the awards "distinctive" to the RCMP?
All awards in this Program bear the RCMP Crest and the words "Distinction"

13.    Who selects the level of recognition?
The level of recognition is selected by the person who initiates the request for the purchase of the award, (ie manager/supervisor, or the employee who requests and receives approval to recognize someone at the senior or middle management level.

14.    Who selects the actual award?
The award may be chosen by the manager/supervisor or nominator, or the recipient may be asked to choose an award at the level which has been pre-determined and approved.

15.    Who places the order for the award?
Orders are placed on-line by the manager/supervisor or nominator (employee who requests and receives approval to extend this recognition), using a specific pass code.

16.    How is an order placed?
Orders for awards are placed by completing the order form and submitting it on-line.

17.    How are awards received?
All awards arrive gift wrapped, pre-packaged and addressed to the ordering manager/supervisor, or to the Director General or Commanding Officer who provided the approval to extend this recognition to a senior or middle management employee.

18.    Whose information is entered in the “Purchasing Manager’s Information?
If the award is being purchased by someone with budgetary discretion, then their information should be entered.
In the case of an award being ordered by an employee who has received approval to extend this recognition to a senior or middle management employee, this section should contain the information of the RCMP employee who approved the expenditure (i.e. Director General or Commanding Officer).

19.    How / when is the award presented?
Presentation of an RCMP Award of Distinction is the responsibility of the ordering manager/supervisor or nominator and they  are encouraged to create memorable occasions around the presentation while including the recipient’s work group.

20.    Can delivery of the award be made to a recipient’s home?
No, awards are ONLY delivered to the ordering manager/supervisor or nominator, and NEVER directly to a recipient’s home.  In the case of an employee recognizing a senior or middle manager/ supervisor, the award will be shipped to the Director General or Commanding Officer who approved the expenditure.

21.    Can an award be exchanged for the monetary value of the award?
No, may not be exchanged for the monetary value of the award.

22.    Once an order has been placed, how long will it take to fill? 
All orders are processed and shipped in 7 to 14 days and 2 to 3 days for RUSH  deliveries.

23.    Can / Should a recipient place an order for their own award?
To ensure transparency and avoid conflict of interest, orders for recognition awards should be placed by the manager/supervisor or nominator.

24.    Can an RCMP Award of Distinction be awarded to an employee upon their retirement?
An RCMP Award of Distinction may be presented to a retiring employee, but it is important to note that it should be presented for the reasons that relate to the criteria for this award (see criteria above), and NOT because they are retiring.

25.    How are invoices processed?
Invoices will be sent to the ordering manager for certification and payment shall be made within thirty (30) days from receipt of said invoice in accordance with the conditions of the Standing Offer.